We offer a variety of adventure based programs that we can mesh together
for a ½ day or full day of team building experiences. Full day includes lunch.

Whitewater Rafting the St. Louis River

Whitewater raft the beautiful and challenging St. Louis River, just 15 minutes south of Duluth, MN with Swiftwater Adventures. Rafting is an adventure that requires team effort and cooperation with the simple goal of navigating the river. This wilderness and whitewater experience is offered May through October

North Woods Survival Challenge

Whether it’s Escape from Fenrir Island or The Snows of Kawishiwi, this scenario based adventure is all about surviving an emergency wilderness survival situation. Participants must complete a series of tasks in order to survive and be rescued, before time runs out. Offered all year.

Cloak and Dagger

In this urban game of espionage and pursuit participants must rely on old school technology as modern technology can only be used against you. Participants must use creative problem solving skills to gain the correct information, while avoiding detection, to clear their names to complete the game. *All of our full-day programs include lunch. Contact us today to set up your company's team building adventure!