December 9, 2016
small human chain

Venturing Outside Your Comfort Zone

Having led and experienced adventures all over the place, I have seen many people forced outside of their comfort zone. Some handle it quite well while others seem to quickly fold under the pressure of risk and uncertainty. Even the most bold and adventurous can at times get stuck in a cycle of regularity. This isn’t the same as having a routine, such working out in the morning or brushing your teeth each night. This is about existing in a regularity free of risk, of avoiding new challenges, of living only in your comfort zone. Staying in our comfort zone […]
December 9, 2016
winter adventures

Winter is Coming! Evolve Endeavors Winter 2017 Team Building Programs

Minnesota winters can be brutal. Minnesota winters can also be beautiful. After a bit of early winter acclimation 20 degrees F doesn’t feel so bad on a calm, sunny afternoon. On the flip side of that coin: despite an entire winter of acclimation, -30 degrees never feels nice. Therefor at Evolve Endeavors we offer winter team building adventures in the Duluth, MN area both indoors and outdoors. With our customized adventures we can offer a half day or full day of challenges to suit your company’s needs. These challenges can be all outdoors or indoors, or a mix of inside […]
December 9, 2016
splashing through rapids

Benefits of Adventure Based Programs for Team Building

Sometimes when I discuss team building experiences with new clients or someone in a casual conversation they think of trust falls, burlap sack races, or a scavenger hunt and while all of those do have merit, that’s not our approach. Evolve Endeavors takes an adventure based approach to team building in the Duluth, MN area. We offer adventures catered to your group’s physical, cognitive, and creative abilities. Whether your custom experience is more physical, or more on the cognitive side of things, or a healthy mix our goal is always to have fun while we grow as a team. The […]
December 9, 2016
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What Makes a Successful Team?

Elements of a Successful Team Some people just make winning and success look easy, as do the right teams. Everything appears super fluid and effortless on the surface but these teams didn’t find success out of pure chance and luck. They worked at it and applied the right elements to forge a successful team. Like a duck moving across the water they look calm on the surface but below they are working hard at achieving their goals. At Evolve Endeavors all the team building challenges and adventures we offer in the Duluth, MN area (and beyond), are focused on implementing […]
December 9, 2016
forest walk

The Evolution of Evolve Endeavors

We thought it only suiting that to kick off our blog series we should briefly discuss the founding of Evolve Endeavors. Like anything else it didn’t just come to be, events evolved into its formation. After a few years of operating Swiftwater Adventures, and working with companies to supply a fun team building outing, we realized that these companies were looking for even more team building activities and adventures. We had something we felt others lacked: true adventure experience to pair with our experience of leading team building activities. We realized that we needed to facilitate team building challenges and […]