Winter is Coming! Evolve Endeavors Winter 2017 Team Building Programs

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December 9, 2016
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Winter is Coming! Evolve Endeavors Winter 2017 Team Building Programs

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Minnesota winters can be brutal. Minnesota winters can also be beautiful. After a bit of early winter acclimation 20 degrees F doesn’t feel so bad on a calm, sunny afternoon. On the flip side of that coin: despite an entire winter of acclimation, -30 degrees never feels nice. Therefor at Evolve Endeavors we offer winter team building adventures in the Duluth, MN area both indoors and outdoors.

With our customized adventures we can offer a half day or full day of challenges to suit your company’s needs. These challenges can be all outdoors or indoors, or a mix of inside and outside challenges. Regardless of what your chose, our goal is to have fun as we grow as a team.

Here are some of the adventure programs Evolve Endeavors will be offering around Duluth, MN this winter:

The Snows of Kawishiwi

This scenario based adventure is all about surviving an emergency wilderness survival situation. Participants must complete a series of tasks in order to survive and be rescued, before time runs out.

Escape from the Land of Fire and Ice

This adventure mixes orienteering and a series of challenges. Participants must navigate to each challenge, then complete each challenge to acquire the items needed to escape the Land of Fire and Ice.

Cloak and Dagger

In this urban game of espionage and pursuit participants must rely on old school technology as modern technology can only be used against you. Participants must use creative problem solving skills to gain the correct information, while avoiding detection, to clear their names to complete the game.


Skis, boards, and quinzees: its winter time! This customized adventure implements a variety of challenges on the slopes of Spirit Mt. in Duluth, MN. This is the perfect challenge for snow loving participants and doesn’t require that everyone be able to ski or snowboard.

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