What Makes a Successful Team?

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What Makes a Successful Team?

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Elements of a Successful Team

Some people just make winning and success look easy, as do the right teams. Everything appears super fluid and effortless on the surface but these teams didn’t find success out of pure chance and luck. They worked at it and applied the right elements to forge a successful team. Like a duck moving across the water they look calm on the surface but below they are working hard at achieving their goals.

At Evolve Endeavors all the team building challenges and adventures we offer in the Duluth, MN area (and beyond), are focused on implementing and improving the following team building elements:

Clear and defined goals and roles are necessary to success. Defined goals help everyone be on the same page and to understand their roles in accomplishing the team’s goals. People support that which they are part of. By assigning and defining roles people know what is expected of them and have a clear outline to act upon.

Open and clear communication is an integral part of any successful team. Effective communication keeps a team focused and on track. Open and friendly communication is necessary for new ideas to be discussed, for constructive criticism to be effective, and for all parties to have a voice. Good listening skills are a must, such as listening to understand rather than just a reply.

Open and clear communication goes a long way in creating trust and respect and ultimately success.

Balanced participation and participative leadership allow everyone to contribute and pull their weight. Balanced participation helps for everyone to take ownership of their actions and be part of the big picture. Strong leaders will assign roles that play on the strengths of team members so that everyone contributes.

Leaders should lead by example, and be involved throughout. A strong leader will get the most out of their team by creating an atmosphere of inclusion, confidence, and empowerment.

Cooperative relationships and valued diversity create an open and positive environment where managed conflict can take place, where constructive criticism can be used to make positive changes, and where the diversity of ideas and approaches to problem solving are a welcome boon.

Through cooperation teams can accomplish goals that they would not be able to do alone. Successful teams can put differences aside and celebrate the diversity of its members and their ideas.

Positive atmosphere and attitudes: Your thoughts become things. Negative thoughts and feelings create negative outcomes, while positive thoughts and feelings help create positive outcomes. A team full of people with positive attitudes will create a positive atmosphere that will allow all the elements above to take place and flourish.

Trust and respect are earned over time through positive interactions, team success, open and clear communication, and team members participating and backing each other. A team that has trust and respect in each other will have what it takes to move to the next level.

Teams that can effectively implement what we have discussed here will find success on our adventures and at the work place, will probably enjoy their jobs, or at the very least the people they work with.

If your team is looking to work together better or just a fun adventure, contact us today at Evolve Endeavors for your team building experience in the Duluth, MN area.

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