The Evolution of Evolve Endeavors

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What Makes a Successful Team?
December 9, 2016

The Evolution of Evolve Endeavors

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We thought it only suiting that to kick off our blog series we should briefly discuss the founding of Evolve Endeavors. Like anything else it didn’t just come to be, events evolved into its formation.

After a few years of operating Swiftwater Adventures, and working with companies to supply a fun team building outing, we realized that these companies were looking for even more team building activities and adventures. We had something we felt others lacked: true adventure experience to pair with our experience of leading team building activities. We realized that we needed to facilitate team building challenges and adventures in the Duluth, MN area so we formed Evolve Endeavors.

Successful companies realize that not many people are born as natural leaders and not many teams come together and clique instantly. Certainly some people ascend to leadership roles quickly and sometimes new teams have bouts of initial success. It is through effort, experience and ongoing education that leaders and teams become successful and sustain that success. Anything worth a dang requires some effort (this effort is working on elements of creating an effective team). Successful leaders and teams are forged not born.

Before I ever had the idea of creating Evolve Endeavors, I had been on teams that had succeeded and failed. I learned valuable lessons from both sides of that coin. I am sure those of you that had played high school or collegiate sports or participated in extracurricular activities such as band, debate, or choir all have felt the sweet taste of success or the bitter sting of loss.

At the risk of sounding like Al Bundy, I remember my senior year of high school football. We were an undefeated team, winning a few close games that came down to the wire. We eventually suffered a devastating loss in the second round of the playoffs to the eventual state champs. It was a great experience for a young person to learn about what it is to be part of a team (good and bad), to face adversity together, and try to bring out the best in one another for mutual success.

Since those days, I have been a guide and trip leader for the better part of two decades, while also having worked as conservation scientist and outdoor and environmental educator. In these various leadership roles I learned (and I still am learning) about how different people are in their approaches to life and goals, the importance of open and clear communication, cooperation, clear and defined goals, balanced participation, leading by example and so, so much more.

This blog series will be based on my own experiences, that of other renowned trip leaders and facilitators, and leading experts as we discuss building effective teams. At Evolve Endeavors we are applying this experience to all the team building adventures and challenges we offer in the Duluth, MN area and beyond!

In our blog series we will discuss what the elements of effective teams are, the benefits of adventure based programming, discuss our various adventure and challenge programs, talk about fun adventures, venturing outside our comfort zones and so much more!

In the meantime, if you are looking for a team building activity for your company in the Duluth, MN area then give us a call at Evolve Endeavors!

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